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4G_LTE_logo_tehnotone.comWhen it comes to smartphones we are talking about a wide range of specifications, newly released devices and and also a lot of confusion. The 4G LTE bands can differ from country to country, from mobile carrier to mobile carrier and from device to device. As for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G networks we are in with almost 70 bands. Check this Wikipedia tables for more information on this: Wikipedia – LTE frequency bands

To see what LTE bands your device supports is to search for your device on the following website and scroll down at the LTE section: The LTE bands and frequencies supported by your device will be listed in the LTE table.

Example of table entry from
B1(2100) LTE – meaning that the device works on LTE band 1 on frequency of 2100 MHz. More entries like this will be found for any 4G device.

On the other hand you might be intrested in what LTE bands the mobile carriers in your region are using. To see this please see the following tables on Wikipedia: Wikipedia – List of LTE networks by country (global)

The page above will include the LTE bands provided by carriers in most parts of the world except Asia and Europe. To see that, please go to the following links:
Wikipedia – List of LTE networks in Asia by country
Wikipedia – List of LTE networks in Europe by country

2000px-FCC_New_Logo.svgThe devices that operate using radio frequencies and are manufactured for the US market has to be licensed by the The Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These devices should be labeled with the FCC logo on their box. You can find your device using its FCC ID. To find this id you might check the FCC certificate alongside the user manual in the box of your device or search for your device model on Some devices are also showing this information in Settings menu > About this device and the information should be also present on the bar code label applied on the devices’s box.

FCC website may also contain information on your device including various signal diagrams and radio technologies that your device can use, including GPRS, WiFi and LTE tests on various bands and frequencies. To do a check of the FCC documentation for your device input your device’s FCC id number on to the following page:

FCC ID search page


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