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Smart Phone Flash Tool software & drivers are provided by MediaTek Inc. Below you can download archived and latest versions of the software. The software will allow the download of ROMs and other functionalities to MTK – MediaTek enabled devices.

There are two main versions of SP Flash Tool and each has a number of sub-versions as listed below:

Download SP Flash Tool V3 for Windows:


Download SP Flash Tool V3.1216
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1222
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1224
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1238
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1304
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1312
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1316
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1328
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1332
Download SP Flash Tool V3.1344 ⇠ latest version

Download SP Flash Tool V5 for Windows:


Download SP Flash Tool V5.1343
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1352
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1408
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1436
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1452
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1504
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1512
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1516
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1520
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1524
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1528
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1532
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1548
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1552
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1604
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1612
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1616
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1620
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1624
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1628
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1632
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1636
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1640
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1644
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1648
Download SP Flash Tool V5.1708 ⇠ latest version

Download SP Flash Tool Drivers for Windows:

Download MTK Drivers (32 & 64 bit) XP Vista Win7 Win8
Download Windows 10 MTK VCOM USB Drivers for 32 & 64 bit + Drivers installation tutorial

Learn more about how the software works:

SP Flash Tool + MediaTek MT65xx drivers download and installation guide including bricked devices
Download SP Flash Tool V5 for Linux – Latest versions

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  1. Julian Taylor says:

    There’s Got to be a simpler way to do this,, Can’t I just buy a CD with the necessary Installer + Drivers for my ulefone power, I’v downloaded everything, But I Can’t do anything with it. I Don’t know if its windows 10 but the Device manager is not displaying that relates to flashing my Phone. ??

    • Anonymous says:

      Head to my computer on wi dow vista xp 7 8 or this pc on window 10 then in task bar click on system property. Thats it. You will there see if its window 10.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    When I click on flashtool.exe it says that some files are missing. what may I do ?

    • says:

      Please specify the version of SP Flash Tool you are trying to run and if you run it as an administrator, so that it can be re-checked.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Sammyyoung says:

    My Tecno Phantom Pad N9 just trip off and is has refused to on again i have checked the battery is fully charged i insert the battery to another phone and it powered it but my phone cant on is just dead what can i do please assist me



  7. Marinos Panagi says:

    hello i i have elefone power 5.1 and downloaded sp flash tool v3 & v5 how do i install them? when i double click on the flash tool it has the option to extract or run, what should press? do i need to install both sp flashes first and then plug the phone with the laptop? pls help… i just got my new laptop and phone a couple of days ago and it feels weird experimenting with them without knowing what i’m doing and in such a short notice of buying them….
    could u take me step by step what to do from know on pls? i followed everey instruction with the
    Windows 10 MTK VCOM USB Drivers for 32 & 64 bit but dont wanna do anything stupid at the end of it…
    thank u 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    amar flesh ar all apps lagbe

  9. Hong Pisey says:

    Why can’t I flash Xiomi Redmi Note 4?

  10. Anonymous says:

    symphony w15i…. how to use a flash tool

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. ALVI says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour je voulais le firmware de HTC d816w SVP

  14. harsh says:

    Hello , I getting a problem with my Micromax a350 chip mt6592 got hard bricked I try to resolve the issue by SP flash tool my battery is non removable but I try with both method with or without battery …But every time I flashed got stucked in the red bar get 100% and nothing happens sometimes say enable dram fail ,,,sometimes says flash not found ,,, sometimes SP tool error …But never passed the red bar … I have downloaded bunch of compatible. Roms for my phone and try to flash them ,,,also try to change SP tool version from newer to old…But cannot pass the damn red bar ,,even installing various drivers.. Please help me in my problem

    • says:

      Please consider a hardware issue also. You might want to try on a different computer with a new USB data cable.

  15. Anonymous says:

    can this work on windows xp ? i am getting error on xp

    • says:

      SP Flash Tool works on Windows XP. Please try with an older version of SP Flash Tool first if you encounter any issues.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i can’t download vcom driver for windows 10 please sent me a link for download. 🙁

  17. Paulo says:

    Good morning i have a wiko rainbow is hardbricked i try several roms but it always in a brom err

  18. Anonymous says:

    i cant download the tools what happen or what can i do to make it possibl?

    • says:

      A check has been done. Everything is OK. On your side please update your browser, disable any extensions/plugins and enable javascript (default configuration).

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    swipe slate pro not booting some line is coming in the display after stucked there then restarting again.the in memory test in flash its showing nand flash was not detected.

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